In my time as multimedia designer and animator in Coda Story I worked on the documentary project “Generation Gulag“, where I translated the harrowing stories of Gulag survivors into compelling visuals.

For the doc series I created illustrations, animations, storyboards, the overall project packaging including series posters, the animated intro & outro sequences as well as the website design. The storytelling challenge was to humanize the stories of Gulag survivors and to draw parallels between historical and modern political repression.

I produced 3 of the doc episodes as well as the series visual package and branding. I seamlessly blended 2D, motion graphics, archival footage/images, as well as 3D elements using Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Blender, Figma and other tools in my work.

Azari Plesetsky

Vera Golubeva

Irina Verblovskaya

Despite the challenges in integrating diverse materials, my perseverance and experimentation resulted in impactful animations that I hope did justice to these profound stories.

This project deepened my skills in animation, visual storytelling, historical context, and effective collaboration with a production team while instilling a profound appreciation for human resilience and the power of storytelling.