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The illustration presents a surreal and artistic scene against a dark green background. A large, intricate red-brown mosque placed on a person on the bottom of the composition. the scene is surrounded with floating fidget spinner, pills and phone showing Tiktok
Illustration of a space-like dark expanse, with a ghostly humanoid figure with outstretched limbs floats. books, a bent spoon, origami of a unicorn, game controllers, TV and film reels are scattered around. The monochromatic scene evokes mystery and surrealism.
GIF of A digital collage featuring a variety of elements like cross, pentagram, pizza, corona stem cell or  silhouette images of trump, putin and bolsonaro superimposed on a world map with repetitive “Q” letters on background.
A surreal scene: Against a starry night sky, a checkered floor stretches out. On the left, a red graduation cap and two rolled-up diplomas symbolize academic achievement. In the center, an astrological wheel with zodiac signs hints at fate and destiny. To the right, hands emerge from a glowing crystal ball, suggesting foresight or prophecy.
Illustration of silhouetted palm trees against a gradient sky transitioning from pink to teal, two hands reach towards each other. left hand passing, a usb flash drive with the Canadian flag illustrated on it.
Illustration of a pair of hands in a dark setting, one holding a smartphone and the other dropping a luminescent liquid onto the screens message box.
Metallic handcuff attached on a dark blue megaphone sitting on top of Singapore’s flag
GIF of a keyboard switching from Chinese to latin alphabet. shift key switches from China flag to black key.
In a vaporwave digital void, paper plane depicting logo of telegram app crashed to a Russian flag.
Illustration of a mosque tower with green loudspeakers shooting out binary code, set against a blue sky.
GIF depicts a blurred image of a cityscape through a window, overlaid with handwritten notes and mind map connections on the glass. The central theme is “Disinformation,” surrounded by related terms and phrases like “Russia,” “Putin,” “Fake News,” and others. The handwriting and connecting lines suggest an analysis or brainstorming session on the topic of disinformation.
Illustration of A person using a laptop gazed by border guard using artificial intelligence companion depicted as human shape of binary code. Barbed wire fences with surveillance cameras separate the scene, emphasising privacy intrusion by border guard and monitoring of individuals wanting to cross the border.
Illustration of a person in silhouette wearing army clothes observing a wall with papers and red lines, connecting to a big q letter in the center. creating a mysterious and investigative atmosphere.
A collage of three images related to games and cognition, featuring a Go board, playing cards, and chess pieces. on right top side of a forth image depicting head of a robot on a shattered background in front of her mouth.
A mysterious and enigmatic digital artwork featuring cat, light beams, and shadows in deep blue tones.
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